Air Training Corps – 34F Balham & Tooting

The Air Training Corps, in keeping with the Royal Air Force standards, 34F (Balham and Tooting) Squadron ATC are a friendly, welcoming and disciplined military youth organisation for young adults aged 12 to 17 who take immense pride in what we do.

Here at 34F squadron you are guaranteed a warm welcome and a progression path to success that your entire family can be proud of. Almost every air cadet who joins 34F stays in the Air Cadets for a long time, many into adulthood as staff.

34F Squadron are one of the very first 50 squadrons ever formed, we have a lot of history behind us to be proud of and a lot to offer for a young adults future.

The Motto of the Air Training Corps is “Venture Adventure” and this is exactly what we do.

The Air Training Corps is a disciplined military youth training organisation partly funded by the Royal Air Force that provides both academic subject training, practical subject training and physical sports training.

Academic training covers things such as Aviation, first aid, map reading, shooting, and telecoms topics to name just a few to build a solid base from which a cadet can take part in practical training, such as First Aid, Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, flying, live shooting marksmanship, and more, all in the company of what will quickly become a new set of very close friends.

Sports training also builds teamwork and leadership and the Air Training Corp is no slouch for sports. You can expect to take part in Archery, Athletics, Football, Netball, Rugby, Swimming and more..

Those who excel at the Air Training Corp activities can also go on to earn specialist leadership training and flying scholarships.


Progress in your cadet career, developing your leadership skills can earn you promotions enabling you to lead others.


Being a cadet can count towards Duke of Edinburgh awards plus Syllabus training can earn you a BTech in Aviation Studies,


Regular teamwork excersizes will build your confidence and teach you how to lead others and acheive as a team.